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Heat Transfer - Proudly Servicing Texas and across the America

Free Ground Shipping. Free Low Resolution Art Recreation. 12 Orders Minimum

Custom Designs. Detailed, Rich Colour Prints. Professional Heat Transfer

Hot Off the Press Artistry 

The magic begins after we receive or created your artwork/design. We will then use heat to transfer the image from a wax to your prefered product (e.g garment,  plates, jigsaw puzzles, and pretty much any canvas where we can slap your designs on).

You will get the look and feel of your own product, just as you imagined it. Your prints are crafted by state-of-the-art manual and automatic printers to ensure detailed and long-lasting, vibrant designs

Printing is our roots 

UpRawr is a team of talented, experienced geeky pressers who love seeing happy clients. We do what we do for business and for the love of geeky artistry. It is our accomplishment to see our works bring happiness to our clientele. We vow to give you the best heat prints at guaranteed fair prices.

The highest standards in heat transfer process

You’ve got the idea, we’ve got the tools and creativity to bring it to print. UpRawr produces high quality, crisp heat transfer designs that you can brag to your friends, colleagues and folks. We set the bar too high for ourselves so the world won’t have to see second-best prints.

Need some creative hands to do your artwork? Just RAWWRRR into our designers and we  will help you with it.



10 day Turnaround

6-day and 3-day super rush available on select garments.


Free Ground Shipping

That’s right. Free ground shipping nationwide.


Free Low Resolution Art Recreation

You upload the file, we will make it print-ready.



Eco and dino friendly printing practices

Vibrant, beautiful prints

High-quality fabrics and textiles

Responsive customer support. Just Rawwrrr!

State-of-the-art printing arsenal

Huge discounts on bulk orders


We Like to Keep Ourselves Busy

Need a bunch of help? We offer huge discounts on bulk orders.


  Low minimums. 10 business days turnaround time.

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