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DTG Printing - Texas and across the America

Free Ground Shipping. Free Low Resolution Art Recreation. 12 Orders Minimum

Full Color Designs. Hand-selected Garments. DTG Prints Done in Artful Fashion

In the name of creativity 

Yes, the finish DTG product owes most of its life to an improvised inkjet tech. But know this. Our craftsmanship and passion towards what we do results to exceptional, outstanding accuracy and output consistency. Our clients in Alvin love our geeky culture but we're also certain we're deeply loved for our creativity.

We don’t simply see it as a Direct-to-Garment print. Each project handed to us is taken care of like a masterpiece. While we ensure faster production, we will never compromise your order’s quality.  Not the artsy kind? Just Rawrrr to our designers and we will help you will your art or design

Have it your way 

Combine garments colours and sizes. Geek out where you wanted to put on your design.

State-of-the-art DTG printing process

Ideal for photographs and multi-colored art. Our DTG process is done through our in-house automatic and manual machines, and of course, along with hard work and our love for printing. You’ll get an output design that stands out and colors that pop.

The print stays on and won’t crack or peel.


We respect you, the environment and the dinosaurs so we only do sustainable practices by using the best quality inks and environmentally safe products for cleaning and reclaiming. Ready?



10 day Turnaround

6-day and 3-day super rush available on select garments.


Free Ground Shipping

That’s right. Free ground shipping nationwide.


Free Low Resolution Art Recreation

You upload the file, we will make it print-ready.



Eco and dino friendly printing practices

Vibrant, beautiful prints

High-quality fabrics and textiles

Responsive customer support. Just Rawwrrr!

State-of-the-art printing arsenal

Huge discounts on bulk orders


Need a bunch of help? We offer huge discounts on bulk orders.


  Low minimums. 10 business days turnaround time.

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