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When will I receive my order?

It generally takes about 10 days for our turnaround time. If you have a large volume of orders, then we may need additional time. To know how long it would take to complete your specific order volume, you can contact us.


Can I order in bulk?

Absolutely! We love to get our hands busy. Contact UpRawr for bulk order’s discount.


I don’t have a design, can you help me on this?

Definitely. Reach our artists for a Custom Design order.


Can I preview my design?

We will e-mail you a digital mock-up of your artwork that is ready for the printing. We can also do a sample print before the production run for a minimal fee of $50.


Do you do rush printing?

At the moment, sorry, we do not.


What are your pricing and what are the minimums? 

Pricing depends on your order’s printing process type and volume. We do not have order minimums for our DTG, sublimation and vinyl printing services.

      Heat Transfer - 12 orders

      Screen Printing - 12 orders

      Embroidery - 12 orders


Will you be able to [insert your crazy, artistic idea here]

Our team have creatives and designers, ready to help bring your ideas to life. Just reach us and let’s see if your awesome idea is something we’re capable of. (Though we highly think it’s something we would absolutely love to do)


Can I order a single apparel?

You can order a single apparel for  DTG, sublimation and vinyl printing.


Where are you located?

We are in Alvin, Houston, between Hwy 288, Hwy 6 and, Hwy 35.


Can I mix and match my order’s colours and sizes?

Yes. Feel free to mix and match the colours and sizes.


Do your have maximum printing limits for apparel sizes?

Yes we do: 12”  x 18”


What file type should I send for my art/design?

Send your file in PDF, JPEG or PNG.


What if the apparel that I want isn’t in your options?

If your desired apparel is not available in our online store, just reach us and we will find it from our distributors.


Can I provide my own empty/blank apparels/garments?

Currently, we can only print in apparels and garments supplied by our distributors. We’re hoping for your kind understanding on this.


How much does the shipping costs?

We offer free ground shipping for orders 20 garment pieces below.


What is our return policy?


Do you fold, bag and tag apparels?

Yes, we do. Cost per item depends on your requested service or if you supply the tags and bags. For example, for fold and tag, we do it at $0.30/per item.


Where do you ship?

We ship across the United States except Alaska and Hawaii.

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