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Quality Prints Rawwwring in  Fun

Made with Love in Houston. 10 Days Turnaround Time

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Eco and dino-friendly inks. Rich color prints

Premium handmade feel for brands, apparel companies,  businesses, street wear and everything else where we can slap  on our creativity and inks.



Our Origin

UpRawr combines geek culture with vibrant colours that  highlight artistry and your very own creativity. It all started when  an artsy man named Steven had a baby who would adorably  uproar his cry --- like those of dinosaurs, minus those huge  teeth and grumpy sounds, of course. This baby boy’s charming  uproars became the inspiration behind the brand that has  been creating fun, artsy prints for the locals of Houston and  across the United States.

10 day Turn around
6 day and 3 day super rush available on select garments.

Free Ground Shipping
Thats right, free ground shipping nationwide.

Free Low Resolution Art Recreation
You upload the file, we will make it print ready.

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We Like to Keep Ourselves Busy

Need a bunch of help? We offer huge discounts on bulk orders. 

Low minimums. 10 business days turnaround time. 


We have Thousands of Blank T-shirts to choose from.

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